Spartans 8 Man Football Project:

Batts Media Group has the opportunity to witness one of Texas’s most unique events, 8 Man Football. Modern day gladiators take the field to partake in civilized warfare to determine, who will dominate south Texas. This battle was for a noble cause to raise awareness to breast cancer.

Breast cancer impacts the lives of over 200,000 women each year and the Spartan wanted to show their solidarity in the Breast Cancer Awareness Bowl. The Cougars Den Sports Complex provided the venue where teams from near and far united to fight breast cancer.

The Spartans were the last game of the day. They were set to battle one of South Texas’ powerhouse teams, The South Texas Sharks. Early on, the Sharks jumped out to a lead behind the nimble footwork of the Sharks’ speed running back. The Spartans true to their name, fought back with defensive dominance forcing two critical turnovers to shift the tide of the game! As the setting sun cast a golden hue upon the field, the Spartans truly could treasure a hard fought victory.


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