Devera-Waden Family Project Overview:

The Devera-Waden family were in anticipation of the departure of their son to college. They desired to capture the subtle moments together during a day at the Eilan Hotel in San Antonio Texas. They walked the cityscape with gleeful smiles and excitement. The pastel buildings provided the perfect backdrop to accentuate the levity of the mood.

The shooting experience is often predicated on the interaction of the models. In this case, the effervescent smile were a constant reminder of the pleasure the family shared spending time together. Despite the longing for togetherness, the Mr. and Mrs. Devera-Waden shared special moments unique to their relationship immortalized in the images.

This project was unique in that despite all having different reason to desire family portraits, they unified on the hope that these images would provide lasting memories for them to share for years to come.


The Devera-Waden Family


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