Col. Kevin Steel Military Retirement Event Photo Shoot:

Military service is an opportunity to build relationships and truly develop into a leader. Batts Media Group was given a rare opportunity to experience one of the most heralded events in a military member’s career, retirement. From the posting of the colors to the final salute, the celebration of service is an awe-inspiring occurrence.

Col Kevin E. Steel served his country admirably in the United States Air Force. As a member of the medical corps, he provided life saving care to thousands of military service members and their families. From his early service as an internist at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he exhibited a dedication to patient care. Col Steel returned to training to further his clinical expertise and completed a cardiology fellowship. After the completion of fellowship, he returned to formal military service as a staff cardiologist. During this time, he has been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Oman. His desire for both excellence and lifelong learning prompted him to seek further specialty training in advanced cardiac imaging at Harvard University. After expanding his training, he returned to Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, where he served as the 59th Medical Wing Science and Technology Deputy Chief Scientist.


Kevin E. Steel


Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center
Lackland AFB, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

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