MJ Graduation Project Overview:

The shoot started slowly, as MJ was reluctant to truly embrace his creative side with Batts Media Group’s production team. San Antonio’s historic Pearl Brewery created the perfect backdrop for both a sophisticated shoot with cityscape overtones coupled with flashes of color and a rustic, pastoral mood with slow flowing waterfalls and a lazy river. Given our clients misgivings regarding the photo shoot we initiated a special process to ensure all clients can feel comfortable to express themselves.

This process, although not unique to what we do, has transformed shoot from mundane to marvelous, awkward to awe-inspiring and boring to beautiful. In a sense, we place the client, at least mentally, behind the camera. When we asked MJ, “how would you like to recreate yourself?”. A smile can over his face which permeated the remainder of the shoot. On lookers watched, as we all experience the evolution of MJ, captured in camera.


MJ & Shronda Dunn


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When it comes to family photos or newborn photoshoots, we balance the fine line between refined and posed. We want to capture you in your element while capturing beautiful visuals. We work with you to photograph special moments and immortalize them.

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