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La Belle Expressions Project:

LaBelle Expressions has done it again! After taking the market by storm with KiKi’s Closet, a collection of fashionable children’s attire, they moved into a realm of shear elegance. This colorful, charismatic line echoes independence and courage, as it breaks free from the bounds of traditional evening wear. Gone are the days of predictability as the LaBelle Expressions team challenges the norms with is new line.

Juxtaposed against the backdrop of the San Antonio, Japanese Tea Gardens, the shoot took on a mind of its own. While the smartly designed architecture beckoned for a more simplistic time, the contrasting colors and lingering moods, forced ones mind into visual kaleidoscope, only calmed by the rhythmically flowing gowns. As gentle winds, soothed the surrounding emerald pools, the soft whispers of a distant waterfall captured our ears. Our eyes were entranced, as the unwittingly subtle influence of the gowns, pulled our attention away from our surroundings. Capturing all thought and predetermined ideology of evening wear, only to allow our minds to be liberated to construct a monument of perfection.


LaBelle Expressions


Japanese Tea Garden
San Antonio, TX

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