La Belle Expressions Project:

The La Belle Expressions project started as an idea. The idea that a mother, who desired to expand her fashion options, could conceive an idea, cultivate a business plan and develop an international distribution strategy. The shoot was set in the upscale Eilan Hotel & Spa, one of San Antonio’s premier locations. The location is smartly placed in close proximity to both La Cantera and the Rim shopping complex. The soft pastel colors of the buildings create the perfect backdrop against the deep blue south Texas sky. The deep red brick streets are interrupted by the geometric interaction of deep, steel railroad tracks. The cascading fountain provides a cooling mist as a breeze delivers the aroma blossoming flowers and culinary creativity in this hill country oasis.

The shoot flowed smoothly as the model quickly became soothed by the setting of the Eilan Hotel & Spa landscape. As birds chirped and soft sounds of light jazz played over the speakers, a sense of relaxation and accomplished consumed all of watched. The rapid clothing changes only enhanced the intrigue that surrounded the shoot, as all waited patiently to see what new creation, La Belle Expressions would serve to captivate our eyes and engage our emotions.

Having the ability to observe clothing changes, elevate the body, the mind and the soul of an individual is a powerful reminder of how our appearance cultivates our attitude. If one could encapsulate one word to summarize the experience, POWERFUL!


Shantel Moto
LaBelle Expressions


Eilan Hotel & Spa
San Antonio, TX

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