Debutante Jamilla Dorsey Project Overview:

Jamilla Dorsey was introduced as a debutante by the Van Courtlandt Social Club Auxiliary. The Van Courtlandt Social Club is one of San Antonio’s oldest historically black social clubs. The Van Courtlandt Social Club was founded in 1915 and is the second oldest social club in the United States that presents Debutantes without cost. The club started with an original 15 members and grew over the subsequent years. The Van Courtlandt Social Club Auxiliary has a very special job of the selection of an annual Debutante Coteria.

The event was a gala affair. The evening started with a receiving line where guest were given their first glimpse of prior debutantes and this year’s selection, Jamilla Dorsey. The receiving line was a prelude to an awe inspiring evening that produced gleeful optimism as Jamilla Dorsey revealed grace, beauty and professionalism. The subtle overtones of the theme, “An Evening At Tiffany’s”, created the prefect backdrop for an environment of elegance. The history and pageantry of this annual event was only rivaled by the glorious one-hundred and four year history of the Van Courtlandt Social Club.


Jamilla Dorsey


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