Faith & Hope Forte Project Overview:

Imagine an elated little girl in a new world of wonder and opportunity with her watchful parents carefully attending to her every need. This commentary yields brief insight into the nature of the Forte photo shoot. As the sun echoed off of the smartly contrasted rocks a little girl brightened an already jovial mood with pleasant outbursts of laughter. Her delight was in the natural playground provided by San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Small log cabins with child sized brooms, jogs and other oddly placed trinkets boarded a well traveled gravel walk way. As she ran from cabin to cabin, searching for new treasure, Batts Media Group was there to capture every moment. Her happiness was further illuminated when she was introduced to a softly flowing brook and small waterfall. The San Antonio Botanical Garden provided the perfect backdrop to create a canvas of joy, colored by laughter, Hope and Faith.


Faith & Hope Forte


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