Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Jeremiah Project Event:

Batts Media Group had the unique opportunity to capture one of San Antonio’s hidden gems. Education, as we know, is the key that opens all doors. Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas most certainly believes this mantra. Under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Jerry William Dailey, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church has sought to fortify their educational platform with an immersive and engaging tutoring program for all students. The Jeremiah Project is the brain child of a think tank of San Antonio Educator whose primary goal is to make education fun, informative and accessible for ALL San Antonio youth. The program offers tutoring for all subject and all levels with even some assistance for college aged students. Come, join Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church as they cultivate an environment of hope, empowerment and faith with the Jeremiah Project.


Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
San Antonio, Texas


963 SW 40th Street
San Antonio, Texas

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