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Batts Media Group provides the highest quality imaging services ranging from digital photography to videography. Schedule your appointment today to immortalize your memories for a lifetime.

We make your memories last forever

As the top media group in San Antonio, our photography and videography services are unmatched. We operate on a three step motto: listen, capture, and share. We listen to your ideas and goals for your project. We capture the moments through photos or videos, and we share the results with you. You can share with your family, friends and associates.

It is our job to make your special moments or accomplishments last forever. Whether it’s your wedding, a company outing or a championship game, Batts Media Group is there to make the memories last forever.

Meet Our Team

Travis Batts

Creative Director

I've been involved in photography for 10+ years. I'm a student of the New York Institute of Photography. Although I'm well versed in all realms, I work to capture the true essence of any client whether it's family portraits or corporate photography.

Trevon Tucker-Batts

Photographer / Videographer

Hello there! My name is Trevon, I am a videographer, editor, and photographer. I enjoy all forms of art. I am open to various forms of media , as well as the most common couple, group/event, and portrait photography.

Reggie Littleton


I studied Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management. I like to stay creative with my hobbies including photography and cosplay.

Amesha Brown

Assistant Photographer/Sales

My job includes setting up backgrounds, arranging scenery, props, and poses that work best. I shoot images with unique camera angles and personalized points of view, along with fixing images by removing red-eye, zoom, crop, decorative borders & color effects. I also assist in sales using communication and presentation skills to sell customers the best package.

Breanna Gray

Photographer's Assistant

My tasks often involve assisting a studio or location photographer on shoots and also the important day-to-day running of an event. I will typically assist a number of different photographers on a shoot-by-shoot basis. As an assistant I present the photographer with a ready set, create the images and doing all of the manual setup on a shoot.

Magic Gray

Photographer / Videographer

I've been a working photographer for 30+ years shooting for businesses, nonprofits and individuals; shooting in both digital and traditional film formats. Since 1999 I have shot predominately digital for clients, personal work, sports and friends. I would love to share my many years of expertise and vision with you, your business and your customers.

About The Batts
Media Group Difference

Each project is different and deserves to be treated as such. We customize our services to fit your needs and aim to make you more than pleased with the results.

About Batts Media Group | San Antonio Photography & Videography

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