Vaccines, Veggies and Votes Event:

As part of the National Council of Negro Women’s (NCNW) initiative “to empower, inform and uplift women and children in communities of color”, the Good Health Women’s Immunization Networks or Good Health WINs program works to cultivate an environment that highlights the importance of vaccinations. As such, the San Antonio Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi in collaboration with a host of partners including San Antonio Ruth Jones McClendon Fund, Galen College of Nursing, ADMT Solutions and Bright Consulting Solutions sought to link awareness regarding vaccination, voter’s awareness and healthy dietary choices. The program Vaccines, Veggies and Votes was the culmination of grass roots community organizations working to reduce disparities and enhance equity within underserved communities.

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The environment was nothing short of electric. The air was filled with a palpable sense of hope, optimism and pride as other organizations such as local chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sigma Gamma Ro Sorority, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity contributed to the event. Founded in 1936, the historic Macedonia Missionary Baptist church provided the perfect backdrop for the event. Health care ministry team assisted in blood pressure screening, glucose checks and health education. Individuals from the location community also had the privilege of obtaining bags of fresh, locally sourced vegetables and fruits.

This event highlights the commitment of the San Antonio Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi to providing the community with services through extensive partnerships and ongoing collaboration. These efforts are not isolated to Vaccines, Veggies and Votes but reflect a continuing focus on social justice and vaccine administration, which was observed at a the SAAC Kappa COVID-19 Event. In any case, these efforts are having long lasting, beneficial effects on the San Antonio Community.


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Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

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