Celebrating Survival, Fostering Awareness – The Ziadyn Ward Heart Walk in Lubbock, Texas

In Lubbock, Texas, a heartening event recently unfolded, radiating waves of hope and awareness throughout the community. This was the Ziadyn Ward Heart Walk, a gathering that united hearts, enlightened minds, and sparked action. Masterminded by Rob Otey of Spotlight 39, this event saw a display of community solidarity for an important cause. Spotlight 39, renowned for their deep community engagement, demonstrated their commitment to social improvement once again.The event celebrated the resilience of Ziadyn Ward, a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) as a young athlete.

This Heart Walk illuminated the often-overlooked issue of SCA in young athletes, emphasizing its frequency, preventability, and the vital role of immediate intervention. Prominent cardiologist, Dr. Travis Batts, played a key role in the event. He shared life-saving knowledge by teaching attendees Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). CPR is an essential skill that can dramatically increase survival chances after an SCA. Dr. Batts’s session emphasized the importance of prompt response and community readiness in managing cardiac emergencies. As the afternoon progressed, 300 steps reverberated through the heart of Lubbock at Monterey High School. Each foot step represented an attendee who walked for the cause, each stride signifying a move towards a future where sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes can be effectively prevented. The Heart Walk not only fostered awareness but also instilled a sense of responsibility among participants to be vigilant and responsive in such emergencies.

Inspired by Ziadyn Ward’s survival, the Heart Walk highlighted the potential of community action in driving change. The event was a call to action, an appeal for heightened public awareness and readiness, and a testament to the power of communal solidarity. The Ziadyn Ward Heart Walk is a beacon of hope, a symbol of the power of knowledge, and a stride towards protecting the heartbeats of our young athletes.

If you would like more information or would like to participate in a heart walk, contact Rob Otey at www.spotlight39.com.


Spotlight 39 – Rob Otey


Lubbock, Texas

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