SchRhonda Dunn’s Las Vegas Birthday Event:

Batts Media Group hits the road as a client wanted to capture a destination birthday event weekend. With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, Batts Media Group expanded its’ services to provide high quality photos and videos, to ensure our clients’ return to the new normal is beautifully immortalized.

The event was expertly planned by the client to ensure there was never a dull moment. From relaxing in one of the nation’s most touted spa resorts to testing your nerves in exquisite escape rooms, the participants were given only one rule, enjoy yourselves. The weekend’s events were orchestrated to build to a climatic end, “The All White Affair”. This event was elegant, extravagant and most of all exciting. Set at Las Vegas’ famous, Sugar Factory, the event was as billed and did not disappoint!

This event was truly one of a kind. Despite mask restrictions and ever looming concerns regarding the evolution of a never before seen global pandemic, this group made this event a huge success.


SchRhonda Dunn


The Sugar Factory, Las Vegas, Nevada

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