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Preparation and equipment are essential to success in every profession. This holds true in photography. The right photographer will possess the right equipment to take the best pictures for your event or life moment. Although, equipment alone doesn’t make the best photography. Understanding the features and how and when to use them are key components. At Batts Media Group we use 4k cameras to showcase our clients and their events: Sony a6500 and Nikon 7200.

Sony a6500

Compact but powerful, the Sony a6500 is loaded with features. This camera adjusts to shoot both portrait and action photos with the world’s fastest auto-focus speed. Ideal for sports photography, the a6500 contains a continuous shooting capacity of up to 307 shots without losing shooting speed. BMG photographers can transition through scenarios flawlessly, finding that perfect shot with live-view continuous shooting at up to 8 frames per second. This enables the capture of moving subjects as they appear on the a6500 LCD screen.

Able to fit in the palm of your hand, the a6500 contains a gyro sensor which stabilizes images with a five stops faster shutter speed effect, creating steadier, clearer images.

In addition to its touchscreen focus feature, dynamic image sensors and enhanced image processing system, the Sony a6500 has high-resolution 4K recording. Up to 5x slow motion and 60x quick motion, this palm sized all-star records at up to 50Mbps in full HD with low noise. Fully loaded with outstanding image texture and sharpness in photos plus live action, this is why the Sony a6500 is a go to for Batts Media Group photographers.

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Nikon 7200

The versatile Nikon 7200 is the perfect camera for wedding photography, event photography, and videography. Shooting at continuous 6 frames per second, it’s sure to catch every shot. Its auto focus sensor has outstanding focus detection and captures images in daylight or after dusk.

A convenient feature for our location photographers, the 7200 has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. This makes it easy to connect to a smartphone or tablet with a touch, browse photos and share them instantly via text message, email or social media.

Designed for artistry, you can add and alter image effects and characteristics with Picture Controls, built-in HDR and auto bracketing up to 9 frames. This allows BMG photographers to create time-lapse video and easily transfer uncompressed footage to an external recorder, all while recording simultaneously to the SD memory card.

This all-around go to camera allows for convenience and creativity in the same frame.

Nikon 7200 Camera | Batts Media Group Photography Equipment | San Antonio Photography & Videography | San Antonio Lifestyle Equipment

To know our tools is to know Batts Media Group. The Sony a6500 and the Nikon 7200 allows us to capture our client’s life moments and events with technology that keeps us connected, creative and versatile. More importantly, they allow us to never miss a shot with unshakeable stability, high shooting speed and dim light autofocus. By using the right equipment, Batts Media Group gets great results every time.

As we continue to grow, Batts Media Group will add the Sony a7ii and a7iii to bolster our corporate photography, lifestyle photography, and real estate photography packages.

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